Why You Should Choose Us


My husband and I wanted to update the landscaping for our beachside yard by trimming existing plants and by adding new ones. We needed to find someone who was knowledgeable and who would be dependable for completing the job on a budget in a reasonable time. Kenny reviewed the project on site, took a picture and then prepared a proposal complete with a computerized rendering of the landscape design. It was exactly what we were looking for and the project was completed shortly after the estimate was approved. There were no minimums, 6 week lead times or lags in communication. Thanks KSM for making our yard look fresh and colorful again.

Residents on South Atlantic Avenue



I have had the distinct pleasure of having Eco Property Solutions working on my home and contracting the business to work for our company. Mr. Munitz has been more than the ideal owner on and off the landscape. In order to achieve the highest marks and my deepest respect, he has demonstrated outstanding leadership with his crew and maintained a clear sense of purpose on the jobs he has done for us.

Mr. Munitz has not only proven he can manage his crew over time; but also makes sure all the clients needs are taken cared of in a timely manner. Eco Property Solutions is our go to company for anything outside a home, business or apartment community. Mr Munitz character has shown the patience, integrity understanding and wiliness to help on any project big and small. The fact of the matter is Kenny’s attitude and personality is a bring a breath of fresh air in this industry. There is no doubt in my mind his distinctive character, business maturity and high self esteem is what any business or home would need.

Kenny Bonnett



Kenny has been providing his services to our property for years. We not only use him for as for landscaping but for a number of miscellaneous services as well. He is a trustworthy and the work his company provides is stellar. He is always available when we call and is quick to resolve any issue we might have. Attention to detail and excellent customer service is what makes this company one of our preferred vendors!

Frances Castro